How to use Arduino Studio

Launch Arduino Studio


In this guide we assume that you already installed Arduino Studio or Arduino Studio extension.

We are going to show the main functions provided. Some functions are explained in other pages (e.g. Code Completion and in-line Quick Language Reference).

Note: this guide shows the software while using Linux, but it works the same in every operating system.

The following list shows all commands in the left bar of Arduino Studio and its explanation.


Image Verify your code to check your syntax. Code successfully verifyed can be correctly uploaded to your board.


Compile and Verify

Image Verifies your current code and if there's no error it compiles it. Then your code will be uploaded to your board.


New File

Image Creates a new file.


Open File

Image Opens a window where you can select your local file to open and edit in your editor.


Save File

Image Saves the file


Open Console

Image Show/unshow the console where you can see some informations like the Verify and Verify/Compile output.


Open Serial Monitor

Image Show/unshow the serial monitor. Here you can see the output of Serial functions on your board.


You can change other option to fit your needs.

  • Enable/Disable the Autoscroll on output


  • Baudrate can be changed based on the board you are using


  • Change the End of Line


  • In the Message box you can write a text that will be sent over serial to your board


  • The Log box actually shows Serial messages, for example like messages print using Serial.print("")


Show/Hide Sidebar

Image This button is used to show and unshow the sidebar, the bar containing the file manager.