Getting Started with Arduino Tian

Arduino Tian First use:

This guide will show, step by step, how to install and use for the first time your Arduino Tian.

First Connect your Arduino Tian to the computer through micro-USB connector.

Search your Arduino board between the WiFi networks available on your PC.

If you would reset the Arduino’s Wifi you must press the wlan reset button for 5-30 seconds. 

Open a web browser and write the follow address http://linino.local or the ip address in the address bar.
After a few moments, a web page will appear asking for a password.


Enter default password: doghunter 
and click Log In button.

You will find a page with some diagnostic information about the current network connections. The first is your WiFi interface, the second is your ethernet connection. Press the Configuration button to proceed.


On the new page, you will configure your Tian, giving it a unique name and identifying what network you want to connect to. In the Tian NAME field, give your Arduino a unique name. You'll use this to refer to it in the future. Choose a password of 8 or more characters for your Arduino. If you leave this field blank, the system retains the default password of arduino. If you wish, you can set the timezone and country. It is recommended to set these options as it may help connecting to local WiFi networks. Setting the local timezone also selects the country's regulatory domain. Enter the name of the wiFi network you wish to connect to. Select the security type, and enter the password.
Image   Image  

At the bottom of the page, you will see toggles for changing the access of Reset API .
REST is an acronym for "Representational State Transfer". It is a software architecture that exposes various parts of the Arduino hardware through URLs.
By default, the REST API access is password protected. It is possible to change this to access the services without a password, clicking on Open.

After that you have completed click “Configure & Restart”.
After few moment, the configuration will be saved and the Arduino Tian will be restart.

Guide linino OS upgrade step by step

It is very important follow this guide if you use for first time your board
Follow these steps to upgrade the latest release of linino OS:
1) Connect your board via SSH:
for Linux user using comand Shell: >ssh root at linino.local ;
for Windows user for example using Putty;
2) Login as "root";
3) Insert the password: doghunter (default or the new password if you have changed it);
4) Insert the command: linup latest or linup specif release ;
5) Respond "y";
6) Choose the option "2": Upgrade and revert to default settings;
7) Wait the end of upgrade.
PLEASE NOTE: In this case the new root password will be “doghunter” without quotes.

Download the IDE. 

It’s possible to choose ARDUINO STUDIO or ARDUINO IDE 1.7.x choosing the release for your system, from the link http://arduino.org/downloads .


Installation and use of the IDE:

It’s possible upload the sketches on Arduino Tian in two modes: connecting it to Pc through micro-USB or to Wireless through ip address.

Arduino Tian Getting Started