Code Completion and in-line Quick Language Reference

Arduino Studio provides auto completion and guide functions.
These functions help improving the coding part of your projects and are also useful to avoid error while typing.

Brackets power and new functions available with Arduino Studio are going to be your perfect IDE.


If code completion does not work when you open .ino files, check if the selected language in Arduino Studio is "Arduino".
If it's not, select it. Then, click on "Set as Default for .ino files".

Code Completion

When you write your sketch, you use some Arduino functions.
The following feature provided by Arduino Studio helps you to correctly use functions.
As soon as you are writing, Arduino Studio will suggest an auto completion for the part of the word you wrote.
To get the complete word, just press ENTER.
You won't have to remember all parameters or the exact name of a method!!

  • As you can see, when you write "set", Arduino Studio will suggest the function "setup". It is also giving hints about its syntax.


  • It also shows method parameters that you can use


Suggestion comes also from libraries integrated in Arduino Studio and libraries that you eventually import in your IDE.

In-line Quick Guide

Arduino Studio provides also a "live" guide, available while you are coding.
This internal "wiki" describes all arduino functions directly in your document.

  • To use this feature, simply select any "Arduino word" in your code and right click it, as the following screenshot shows you.


  • Then can click on the "Quick Guide" button and the description is going to appear!


Note: you can also use a keyboard shortcut to open the Guide, CTRL-K (or, if you are using a Mac, Command-K).