Ciao Connectors

Understanding Ciao Connectors

To communicate with the "outside world" the Ciao Library interacts with Ciao Core: the key component of the Ciao technology on the MPU(microprocessor) side. Ciao Core runs over Linino OS , it is developed in python and it has been designed to enable communication with several modules called connectors.

Connectors communicate with Ciao Core using JSON strings sent over a TCP socket.

Available connectors

Following a list of connectors already developed or under development for Ciao.

Interaction with local resources:

  • FileSystem (SOON)
  • KeyValueStorage (SOON)
  • Console (SOON)

Interaction with protocols:

  • XMPP
  • MQTT
  • HTTP (in progress)
  • WebSocket (in progress)

Interaction with third-party services or platforms:

  • Phant (in progress)
  • Twitter (in progress)
  • WeChat (SOON)

Ciao Core and connectors are opensource and distributed under MIT license.

Feel free to suggest improvements, provide feedbacks and develop new connectors or features.