Arduino Studio

What is Arduino Studio?

Arduino Studio is a new open source development environment for the Arduino Programming Language. Instead of a monolithic architecture and a centralized development model, Arduino Studio take advantage of Adobe Brackets Editor's pluggable system. We are working hard to allow users to exploit Arduino Studio as stand-alone, web/cloud-based and on-board embedded editor. Just one editor for all the environments.
Arduino Studio is now available as an alpha release, in-bundle distribution for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows or as a easy-to-install Brackets Extension.

  • Take advantage of Brackets editor's architecture;
  • One editor for all environments: Cloud-based on your browser, Stand-alone on your PC and Embedded on your board;
  • Written in Javascript and Node.js as Brackets extensions or as a stand-alone software;
  • Brand new User Interface;
  • Code Completion and in-line Quick Language Reference;
  • Debugger for M0 Pro




Changelog 0.0.5:
*Removed the breakpoints at the end of the debugging.
*Debugger now starts automaticcaly w/o select files.
*Fixed import library.

*Fixed M0 / M0 Pro delay()
*Arduino M0 / M0 Pro A0 GPIO Bugfix.
*Arduino M0 / M0 Pro Interrupt Bugfix.
*Arduino M0 / M0 Pro RTC (Real Time Clock).
*Power management library (Rest) for Arduino M0 and M0 PRO boards.

*Enabled AVR boards: Arduino Leonardo, Arduino Leonardo Ethernet 2, Arduino Micro, Arduino Esplora, *Arduino Robot, LilyPad, Arduino Mega 2560, Arduino Mega ADK.
*Enabled SAM architecture and Arduino DUE (native / programming).

Previous Releases

Source Code

Active development of the Arduino software is hosted by GitHub.

How to Arduino Studio

Work in progress

  • Community plugin manager. Contributed Themes, additional Functionalities and Libraries are welcome!
  • Platform manager for third parties boards, architectures and toolchains.

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